• Dry bath incubator
  • DH-200
  • DH-200
  • Dry bath incubator
  • Temperature control range: room temperature +5℃ to 110℃ (with four modules covered)
DH-200 dry bath incubator adopts microcomputer control and uses high-purity aluminum material as the conductive medium instead of traditional water bath devices. It has the characteristics of convenient operation, wide temperature control range, and high accuracy. It can be widely used in various biochemical sample incubation processes such as sample preservation and reaction, DNA amplification and pre-denaturation of electrophoresis, serum coagulation, etc.
Product Features
1. Easy-to-use human-computer interface displays real-time operating and setting information, allowing users to observe device status conveniently.
2. Large capacity: for example, DH-200 can hold 96 1.5ml centrifuge tubes simultaneously.
3. Equipped with a blue transparent cover to effectively prevent sample splashing and tube rupture.
4. The constant temperature module is divided into four areas (A, B, C, and D), with independent timing for each area. This allows samples added at different times to be cultured at a constant temperature separately, and each area has an indicator light.
5. Flexible module configuration: four different module sizes can be selected and used simultaneously, or custom sizes can be made according to customer requirements.
6. Intelligent settings: automatic preheating, automatic startup, and automatic recovery after power failure, which many large-capacity metal baths do not have.
7. Rapid temperature increase: the device can reach from 25°C to 100°C within 15 minutes.
8. High accuracy: when the device is at a constant temperature of 37°C, the standard module can be calibrated to control accuracy within 0.2°C.
9. The instrument has a temperature calibration function built-in.
10. Equipped with dual over-temperature protection devices for both software and hardware, making it more reliable to use.

Technical Specifications  
Model: DH-200
Temperature Setting Range: 0℃~110℃
Temperature Control Range: Ambient temperature +5℃~110℃
Timing Range: 1-99h59min/∞
Heating Time: ≤15min (25℃ to 100℃)
Temperature Uniformity: ≤±0.2℃ (@37℃)
Temperature Display Accuracy: 0.1℃
Automatic Preheating: Supported
Independent Timing Function for Each Module: Supported
Auto-Run on Power-On: Supported
Automatic Recovery After Power Failure: Supported
Temperature Display Accuracy: 0.1℃
Number of Modules: 2~4
Power Supply Voltage: AC110 or 220V/50-60HZ
Maximum Power: 500W
Product Size: 370*254*178 mm
Product Weight: 8.0 kg

Module Model Selection      
Model Test Tube Diameter Number of Test Tubes Module Size
DT01 6mm 42 95.5×76.5×50
DT02 7mm 42 95.5×76.5×50
DT03 10mm 20 95.5×76.5×50
DT04 12mm 24 95.5×76.5×50
DT05 13mm 20 95.5×76.5×50
DT06 15mm 12 95.5×76.5×50
DT07 16mm 12 95.5×76.5×50
DT08 19mm 12 95.5×76.5×50
DT09 20mm 6 95.5×76.5×50
DT10 26mm 6 95.5×76.5×50
DT11 28mm 4 95.5×76.5×50
DT12 40mm 4 95.5×76.5×50
DT13 0.5ml 48 95.5×76.5×50
DT14 1.5ml 24 95.5×76.5×50
DT15 2.0ml 24 95.5×76.5×50
DT16 0.2ml 48 78×114×26
DT17 0.2ml 8-tube strip 96-well standard plate 81×123×19
DT18 0.2ml flat cap 96-well ELISA plate 81×123×19
DT19 Customizable for other specifications    

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